Other airplanes

Accessories designed for other designers and models. Compatibility is for asking

Allison flared exhaust stacks  (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Allison round exhaust stacks (1/10- 1/2 scale)
Ju-87 exhaust stacks (1/8-1/3 scale)
Spitfire exhaust stacks (1/10-1/4 scale)
P-51 exhaust stacks (1/10-1/4 scale)
Bf-109F-K exhaust stacks (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Merlin early exhausts (1/7-1/4 scale)
P-51D & P-40E machine gun ports (1/8- 1/3 scale)
Browning .50 cal (1/20- 1/6 scale)
183mm (7.2in) dummy radial engine
143mm (5.7in) dummy radial engine
Cockpit lights
Control stick grip
US style control stick
Rearview mirror (1/10- 1/2 scale)
Rearview mirror (1/10- 1/2 scale)
Radio control switch
Flare pistol mount
Gunsights (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Revi 16B
Gunsight Revi C/12D and Revi 16B
KG13 grip
MG17 barrels
MG 131 barrels
Cowl latches
US fuel filler caps
Pressure bottle
Recognition lights housing
Pitot tubes
RAF type control column
RAF type spade grip
US pilot's seat
Hawker Tempest Mk.V nomenlature sheets
FW-190 A8 nomenclature sheets
P-38J nomenclature sheets