Other airplanes

Accessories designed for other designers and models. Compatibility and size are for asking.

Allison flared exhaust stacks  (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Allison round exhaust stacks (1/10- 1/2 scale)
Ju-87 exhaust stacks (1/8-1/3 scale)
Spitfire exhaust stacks (1/10-1/4 scale)
P-51 exhaust stacks (1/10-1/4 scale)
Bf-109F-K exhaust stacks (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Merlin early exhausts (1/7-1/4 scale)
P-40E machine gun ports
Model  1 (1/8- 1/3 scale)
P-40E machine gun ports
Model 2  (1/8- 1/3 scale)
P-51D machine gun ports (1/8- 1/3 scale)
Browning .50 cal (1/20- 1/6 scale)
183mm (7.2in) dummy radial engine
143mm (5.7in) dummy radial engine
60- 157mm (2.4- 6.2in) dummy radial engine kit
Cockpit lights
Control stick grip
US style control stick
Rearview mirror (1/10- 1/2 scale)
Rearview mirror (1/10- 1/2 scale)
Radio control switch
Flare pistol mount
Gunsights (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Revi 16B
Gunsight Revi C/12D and Revi 16B
German style grip KG13
MG17 barrels
MG 131 barrels
Cowl latches (1/7- 1/2 scale)
US fuel filler caps (1/10- 1/3 scale)
Pressure bottle (type 1)
Pressure bottle (type 2)
Recognition lights housing
Pitot tubes
RAF type control column
RAF type spade grip
1/6- 1/5 scale US pilot's seat
P-47 tail trim rods (1/8- 1/4 scale)
P-51 trim rods (1/8-1/4 scale)
Spitfire trim rods (1/8- 1/3 scale)
Spitfire cannons (1/10- 1/4 scale)
Imitation screws
Cockpit carryall
Hawker Tempest Mk.V nomenlature sheets
FW-190 A8 nomenclature sheets
P-38J nomenclature sheets
F6F Hellcat nomenclature sheets
B-25J Nomenlature sheets
B-25J Gunship Nomenclature sheets
MiG-15 nomecnlature sheets